Feb. 4th, 2014

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So i am translating strings into Jamaican English( Patois) now. Going through reading different instructions, interpreting and then writing in my language. after you have done a few strings you start to feel like a machine. but that is a good thing. i start to imagine the process, the communications, the instruction, the interaction. i like that feeling. it is different from clicking and getting an action. I like this. i like knowing what is happening and i like that Debian is allow me to see this. I think this is the beauty of open source in general. It allows you to talk to the machine. why is this important. i think this matters because we have more and more modern day machines and process that do things for us just with a click and we don't understand why or even how. Apps are an example. download an app and it can give you directions to your house or it can tell people your location or it can locate all your friends on facebook who have been to the place you are at. Why don't we want to talk to machines why don't we want to understand what they want and how they are built?
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Isn' this great after translating 300 string and almost finishing the first part of my translation i open my file to a message that it cannot be found because it is lost or corrupted. So start over right.... not really. How did this happen. what did i do? How does a POT file get corrupted if all you are doing is typing and saving?

So i starting searching on the internet for clues on how to repair this. No clue. I can't really do all of this again to get another message like this. I want to find out what went wrong. I wonder if maybe i can download a different translation editor. could it be a bug? I think there should be a translators website that can tell you what to do when these things happen like a FAQ. ahhhhh bwoy.


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